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Project Graduation -- TI -- Future Business Leaders of America -- DECA -- Future Farmers of America -- FBLA -- Student Council -- HOSA -- National Honors Society -- PRIDE -- Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America -- SADD -- Distributive Education Clubs of America -- VICA -- Health Occupations Students of America -- FCCLA -- Students Against Destructive Decisions -- YADAPP -- Teen Institute -- Project Prom -- I.D.E.A. -- Red Ribbon Week --

     Since 1978 Michael has had the opportunity to speak in high schools, middle schools, colleges and university.  He has presented to over (three million) 3,000,000 students during his speaking career. His brilliant, unique message led to hundreds of local, regional, national and international student activities, clubs and organizations and conventions. 

bulletFuture Business Leaders of America -- FBLA 
bulletHealth Occupations Students of America -- HOSA 
bulletDistributive Education Clubs of America -- DECA 
bulletFamily, Career and Community Leaders of America -- FCCLA (formally FHA Future Homemakers of America)
bulletFuture Farmers of America -- FFA 
bulletVocational Industrial Clubs of America -- VICA 
bulletTeen Institute -- TI 
bulletStudents Against Destructive Decisions -- SADD 
bulletParents' Resource Institute for Drug Education -- PRIDE  
bulletRed Ribbon Week (Red Ribbon Month) 
bulletTechnology Students of America -- TSA 
bulletProject Prom 
bulletProject Graduation 
bulletNational Honors Society -- NHS 
bulletStudent Council -- NASC  

Virginia Alcohol & Drug Prevention Project

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Let me tell you an amazing, powerful and true story�

          Once upon a time there was a �victim� who simply didn�t fit in at school. He struggled with grades, didn�t have many friends and was literally tortured by drug abusing bullies! These bullies would steal his lunch, call him names, hide his clothing during gym, laugh at him, beat him up, lock him in closets and even flush his face in toilets. Because he was so ashamed of being victimized, he did his very best to keep this embarrassment a secret from both his parents and his teachers � so the abuse continued through most of his school years. Many kids face similar abuse in schools today� many even suffer much worse treatment! This �victim,� however, rose above his adversity and redefined it.

You may have read his story in the new book Teen Power and Beyond, in the chapter titled �NERDS RULE!� Now, for over two decades, this young boy, now a man, travels over 200,000 air miles each year, speaking to hundreds of thousands of students, parents and educational professionals on creating a healthy resiliency. Schools now regularly call him to speak to students about preventing bullying, to staff on preventing burnout and to parents on communicating with their children!

          Once a victim, now a victor, Michael Scott Karpovich is an inspiring speaker who offers hope to both victims and bullies. After sharing his message to �at risk students,� teachers are amazed how kids who �never listen� really hear his message. After speaking to student leaders, advisors and students notice a positive change in the school climate. When he speaks to staff on preventing burnout (his most popular & requested program), teachers gain a healthier perspective of their role in education. And when he speaks to parents during an evening community program, the entire �village� comes together around common goals.

          If you are looking for a dramatic and powerful program for your school, group or organization, I urge you to call immediately for information on how Michael can help you meet your school�s goals. We guarantee you will be pleased with his program or you will owe no fee whatsoever! We are also prepared to discount your investment by 50% off of Michael�s regular fees.

Please call now! We are looking forward to planning your event with you!