Stop The Stress And Burnout That Is Taking Your Money, Costing You Time, Crushing Your Enjoyment, Costing you Time With Family And Maybe Losing Your Job…

          Teachers, Social Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Counselors, Psychologists, and other Mental Health Professionals all are at very high risk for burnout. People in "helping professions" consistently put themselves at risk because they care so much and because they are expected by everyone else to take care of everyone other than self.        

Are you stressed more now than ever before? 

            Do you oversee employees or have staff that is becoming less and less effective with students or clients? 

            Have you noticed that our colleagues are talking more and more about retirement, even early retirement, as they seem to care less and less about their work? 

            Certainly most in our contemporary culture are stressed and many will "burn out" to the point of ineffectiveness. The highest risk rests with those whose job description is focused on taking care of everyone else!

            The cost of taking care of everyone else and neglecting ourselves is that often some of the most caring and effective counselors and teachers are "used up" too quickly. 

            Everywhere we look schools are having a hard time finding and keeping effective teachers; hospitals are similarly searching desperately for great nurses. 

            The emotional toll of working with patients, clients, and children within helping organizations seems to grow higher each year! This is why we can offer you a Burnout Prevention Counselor or a Stress Management Counselor.  


        If you do nothing about STRESS & BURNOUT, this is what will usually happen: 

  • People who genuinely care about clients, kids or patients will start to behave as if they don't care... some may even occasionally make some grievous mistakes that they would have never made before!

  • You will lose the best staff to stress and extreme burnout.

  • Your burned-out staff that stay... will become less and less effective and increasingly cynical!

  • Your burned-out staff will damage the working environment for you,

  • New hires will be tainted by the attitude of the current "corporate culture!"

  • Clients, students, patients and their families will consistently witness and experience the negativity of your stressed staff, consequently stressing them! Objectives you hold for your students, clients, or patients will be compromised by your stressed staff's behavior.  Whether they are aware of it or not, these staff members will start to sabotage your work, your company's work, other colleagues' work, and even the client's progress!


            To effectively address stress and burnout you have several options: you may  give everyone a party; you might let employees out of work early; or you may even have a company-wide holiday. Don't dismiss these ideas too quickly, as such gestures will allow your colleagues a moment to rejuvenate their energies and will give them the priceless message that you care about them as well as the clients, the patients or the students.  However, such efforts may be short-lived and many of us working in helping professions like education, health care, social work, mental health or hospitals are unable to do things like this on a practical level (even if it would make a positive difference to both our work environment and our clients, etc). 


"We need this program at our company -- IMMEDIATELY!!"


          To find a more practical option, we must first uncover the root of burnout.  Why do caring, loving people "burn out" so readily in this culture?  Most of the best people in the helping professions enter this type of work because they genuinely CARE!  They actually want to make a positive impact on the health, mind and lives of people. They believe that it is most important and most rewarding to help others -- even to the point of sacrificing themselves!  

              Of course, if any individual makes a practice of "not taking care of themselves" but rather taking care of everyone else, they will harm themselves!  

               If we do not take care of ourselves, we will tend to lose perspective and forget what originally drove us to help others!  Uniquely, in these types of professions, if we lose perspective, we will lose our inspiration; therefore, we hurt ourselves and in turn, our clients suffer. It seems that the most effective way to help teachers teach, "healers" heal and mental health professionals help others achieve good mental health -- is effective training! 

        The program titled The Art of Taking Care of Yourself has been designed  to introduce professionals to how “burnout” effects both personal and professional lives.  Designed to introduce an accelerated culture to the effects of "burnout" on both a personal and professional level. The purpose of this program is to introduce and demonstrate specific skills that prevent stress and maintain perspective.  

        Highlights of this program include the six stages of burnout, and setting healthy boundaries.  Learn how to maintain perspective in your life and how to set the healthy boundaries that empower you as well as your family, your friends and your peers! 

" Your talk for the faculty on "The Art of Taking Care of Yourself" struck a chord with them, so much so that they gave you a standing ovation!  Several times throughout the day and into the next, staff came up to me and said how much they  enjoyed your presentation.  Comments such as 'That's just what I needed to hear at this time of year,' to 'He was wonderful,' to 'His energy level invigorated me,' to 'I agree with his message that you have to develop your life outside of work in order to give back at a high level,' reverberated throughout the school.  That was a great way to start the day."      

          - Vincent F. Licata, Principal,

                    Clarkston Community Schools, Michigan


"We need this program at our company -- now!"


              Over the past 20 years our trainer / consultant Michael Scott Karpovich has conducted amazing trainings, workshops and in-services on Burnout Prevention.  His program "The Art of Taking Care of Yourself" has been presented to hundreds of thousands of groups in a variety of settings. 


            In a culture addicted to adrenaline and stress we find that we lose perspective an often experience "burn out." This entertaining, informative program guides the participants in taking care of themselves!


"I just want you to know how great the reaction has been from the inservice training that you gave us. People haven’t  stopped talking about you!  Without a doubt, you provided us with the best day we have had for some time. The responses from the 240 individuals in attendance said it all. All responses were the most positive available!"  - Julie Hickman, Marion County Board of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities, Marion, Ohio


        In addition to the hundreds of thousand of local staff in-services he has conducted, Michael has keynoted and provided breakout sessions to mental health conventions, educational conferences, health care association events.  Some of these keynote events include: The National Student Assistance Conventions, HCR Manor Care Convention, Mental Health Services, Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Conference, National Literacy Volunteers of America Conference, Newspaper Association of America Foundation, Risk Management Authority, Greater Edmonton Teacher's Convention Association, and the Child Sexual Abuse Convention -- to name a few.  This list demonstrates the variety of venues and audiences where this program was well received.

        The results have been quite positive. You will want to consider this program for your company, your staff and your professional association. 

Click here to read details about our program:  THE ART OF TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF Ô  

"We need this program at our company -- call the person you sent you to this page!"

 The "THANK YOU" factor... 

        It is so amazing how may folks call, write and e-mail us telling us that "the staff is grateful!"  Not grateful to Michael or us for providing a powerful & timely program, but grateful that the administration invested such a program in them. 

        Do your staff know how important they are to you?  Of course you value your nurses, your teachers, your counselors, your social workers ... your staff; however, sometimes they may get the impression that you care so much for the clients, the students or the patients that you don't even notice how hard they are working.


"One of the things that impressed me most about your presentation was the number of people who came up to me afterwards and thanked me. They thanked me for getting you. Several people had tears in their eyes and told me that this was just the thing they needed."     - Julie Hickman, Marion County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities


"We need this program at our company -- call your consultant now!"


        Once a burned out teacher told Michael that it was never the kids, she loved the kids, it wasn't even her colleagues or the administration that made her feel bitter and cynical. She said it was just the paperwork! 

        State and Federal requirements has made teachers feel like it is less about the kids and more about jumping through hoops!

         When paper work gets in the way of good people doing good work and forms interfere with saving people's lives cynicism is an inevitable result.  

        Specifically addressing this need within education, Michael wrote an article (originally published in the Student Assistance Journal 1994) titled "THE QUENCHABLE FIRE!"  In this article he pointed out how a teacher's cynicism stems from our guilt when we are not able to meet our own expectations.

        It is this very article that lead to bringing Michael to speak in thousands of school staff programs.  To read that original article please click on "THE QUENCHABLE FIRE!" You may find his suggestions on how to preserve the "quenchable fire that burns within us" to be useful in your own life.

        Your choices in addressing burnout are still waiting for you. Many will do nothing as they tell themselves "it will get better next week (month... year...)." Some will do their very best to empathies with their colleagues saying "I know it is hard, you are doing a good job -- and remember we are doing important work."  We hope you will allow us to help you this year. Ideally we will be able to work together for one day this year... We promise our in-service or in-depth workshop will be enjoyable, timely, appropriate and will make it different at work, if not better! Whether it is a priority or not we will make sure that your staff realizes that you genuinely care for them. Our goal will be to make it easier for you and your colleagues to do good work, and to make you the hero of the day.


"I need this program at my company -- call the person that refered you to this page now!"

       If you are prepared to choose this in-service option, you are about to make a very important decision.  I know that you can’t afford to make this crucial decision without real evidence that he will deliver what we promise. So just listen to what several recent clients had to say of his work:

1.           "Michael is not simply good - he is one of the best. He received a shouting, clapping standing ovation as our keynote speaker and packed two large breakout rooms in his small group sessions later that day." - Mary Alice Galloway, President, Michigan School Food Service Association

2.           "Not only were Michael’s words refreshing but teachers were able to take home practical teaching tools to ‘revive’ and motivate their students in the classroom. Teachers have described him as ‘dynamic, energetic, and effective.’ As a result of such positive responses, I intend on inviting Michael back to our school district and encourage many other school districts to utilize his services." - Mary Beno, Livingston Educational Service Agency

4.           "Michael Karpovich has a very personal style that participants find warm, funny, emotionally provoking and both personally and professionally enlightening." - Diane Vella, National Student Assistance Program Convention 

5.           "Your contributions to the 42nd Annual Michigan School Food Service Association Conference and Trade Show were exceptional. Almost all of our participants rated both your General Session and your Break Out Session presentations at ‘five’ on our five-point scale." - Dr. Alvin Rudisill, Executive Director, M.S.F.S.A.

6.           "You listened to our concerns and validated our feelings, leaving us with a new sense of hope in working with at-risk students. Your approach was very dynamic and effective!" Kelly Gleason, MSW, Pupil Personnel Coordinator, Hopewell Public Schools, Hopewell, VA

7.       "On behalf of the guidance staff of the Hopewell School Division, I would like to thank you for your presentation. Your approach was very dynamic and effective. You listened to our concerns and validated our feelings, leaving us with a new sense of hope in working with at-risk students."  Kelly Gleason, Hopewell Public Schools, Hopewell, VA

8.       "We all agree that your contributions to our day had a most significant impact on its outstanding success. People raved about your presentations. We cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm, energy, experience and dynamism." Patricia Wise, Executive Director, Preschool Enrichment Team, Springfield, MA

9.       "The issues and feelings you shared were universal and affected many people. Your message hit home and touched many people, even to those who didn’t want to admit it." Charles Schallhorn, Teacher, Munster High School, Munster, IN

10.       "Many participants requested that we ask you back. You evidently made several people really think about themselves. Thank you for sharing your expertise and energy with us." Gloria Bourdon, Coordinator, Genesee Intermediate School District, Flint, MI

11.       "Michael Karpovich is an outstanding presenter who has the ability to inspire people of various ages. He has the ability to adapt to various age groups instantly, reaching out to the timid, involving others, and building a relationship with his audiences." Dr. Ida Basinski, Director of Instruction, Algonac Community Schools, Algonac, MI

12.       "Michael Karpovich is an accomplished motivator and we continue to receive very positive reactions to his presentations. For these reasons, we ask him back again and again!" Dr. Lottie Jones, President/CEO, National Council on Alcoholism & Other Dependencies of Greater Detroit

13.       "Following your presentation, I was handed a note which read, ‘Thank you for a wonderful beginning to the school year. Michael Karpovich was one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. He will not only affect me as a teacher but also as a mother, wife, friend, and as an individual.’" David G. LaQuay, Superintendent, Helendale School District, Helendale, CA

14.      "Michael Karpovich is an outstanding presenter. He turns passive listeners into actively engaged learners. Michael goes beyond giving information and cognitive knowledge; he reaches people at an emotional and commitment level of consciousness." Steven Dieleman, Health & Substance Abuse Prevention Education, Kent Intermediate School District, Grand Rapids, MI

15.       "As always, your contribution to the program was an outstanding success, and your presence was an inspiration to all of us who seek some reality in our lives." George Stewart, Conference Coordinator

16.       "I have been an engineer at GM for 20 years. I have heard numerous motivational speakers in that time. Not one of them commanded the attention you did." Gordon C. Krieger

17.       "There are many speakers who are trying to sell their messages. What is special about you and what you have to offer is that your ideas come from the heart. You appear to be in tune with the population, mood of the environment and apply your important messages accordingly. I have seen you speak to a variety of populations and again, you were sensitive to Native American issues here. ...Your message is causing positive action toward understanding family dynamics, effective listening and communication skills, and doing our best for the little ‘nerd’ inside all of us!" Lisa Johnson, Coordinator, Chadron State College, Chadron, NE 

18.       "Not only were Michael’s words refreshing, but teachers were able to take home practical teaching tools to ‘revive’ and motivate their students in the classroom." Mary Beno, Health Education Consultant, Livingston

19.       "This is literally the best workshop I have ever attended. Michael’s team approach to training and groups gave all of us participants a boost of energy." Dr. John Darrell, Psychologist, Dornell Community Hospital

20.       "Your presentations certainly make a difference in the lives of people. Thanks for coming and being an inspiration to all of us!" Lou LaPrairie, Parent Education Coordinator, Au Sable Valley CMH, Tawas City, MI

21.       "Michael...gave us exactly what we requested and needed. I expect to see him back in Clarksville." Bill Conley, Supt., Clarksville Community School Corp., Clarksville, IN

22.       "You left each and everyone of us a very powerful message - you will not be forgotten! You have a special gift, Michael; continue to share it with others, PLEASE!" Carol A. McElwee, Caribou High School, Caribou, ME

23.       "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made me look like a hero...! But more importantly, you gave us two content-packed and entertaining presentations on two entirely different aspects of the profession." Ross C. Mackay, Program Chairman, Ontario Speakers Association

24.       "We have had many great speakers but few have enraptured us as you, Michael. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, humor and expertise with us." David Sweet, President, Ontario Speakers Association, Bath, Ontario, Canada

25.       "Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation at our in-service program this past Monday. Your concepts and ideas were presented clearly and your unique approach to the subject focused attention in a very positive direction." Larry C. Frank, Coudersport Jr/Sr High School, Coudersport, PA

26.       "As we continue to plan for future staff/student inservices, rest assured that we will be in touch with Dynamic Interactions, Inc." Jennifer Engle, Curriculum Coordinator, Lenawee Intermediate School District, Adrian, MI

27.       "The evening presentation was very special and meaningful to both my husband and me. I was mesmerized for that hour! You have a way of projecting your excitement and enthusiasm to the audience that is very effective. Keep up the great job!" Carole Schrauben, Occupational Therapist, Ionia Co ISD, Ionia, MI

28.       "I’m confident nearly everyone gained new knowledge and insights about themselves from Michael’s presentations. He really gives his audience a feeling of how much he cares and not how much he knows." A

29.       "Michael has a very personal style that participants find warm, funny, emotionally provoking and both personally and professionally enlightening." Diane Vella, Vice-President Conference Mgt., Performance Resource Press, Inc, Troy, MI

30.       "Just saying ‘thank you’ seems a small reward for sharing your time, talents, and expertise in your field with my trainees. Your charismatic delivery made your segment of the program especially entertaining and enlightening." Ellen Glaza, Health Education Coordinator, Tuscola Intermediate School District, Caro, MI

31.       "You have a wonderful talent (a little Robin Williams) which kept us amused, informed and delighted for two hours." Joyce Dickson, Crisis Worker, Sudbury General Hospital, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

32.       "Thank you so much for your very dynamic, informative program for the County-Wide Support Staff In-service Day. Evaluations were excellent, and comments from individuals leaving your program were very positive." Cheryl Blair, Ed. D., Consultant, Health and Substance Abuse Education, Kent Co ISD, Grand Rapids, MI

33.       "Even though it has been over two months since you were here, I still hear people mentioning you and your messages in halls, offices, and lunchrooms." David Hostelling, Crisis Intervention Coordinator, Cahokia School District #187, Cahokia, IL

    As you can see from all of these comments, Michael Karpovich has a very unique, practical and captivating approach to reaching his audiences. He effectively combines education with entertainment to touch people on an emotional as well as intellectual level.  


"We need this program at our company now!"       Call the indidual who refered you to this page!


    So why should you hire him? …         STOP STRESS NOW!!

    His most popular program will teach you and your staff how to maintain perspective, develop positive self-esteem and find strength from adversity! You and your colleagues will learn how to deal with stress, set appropriate healthy boundaries and limits, and promote an unselfish leadership style. Michael will tailor any of his programs to meet your particular needs or desires.


Michael will offer you these timely and relevant programs at a rate that is reasonable and the best value for your dollar.


He will work hard for you and place your needs and programming agenda as the highest priority.


Michael is not a prima donna, difficult to work with or inflexible.


When Michael comes to your organization, he comes to work… and boy, does he work! He doesn't take breaks, he doesn't eat lunch… he just works! (You will be amazed!)


His goal is to serve you and to provide you with the most powerful and cost-effective programming that will educate, entertain and change lives.


    With all of this offered to you, can you afford not to hire him?!

"I need this program today at my company!"


    Michael’s many years of experience as a professional speaker and as a consultant in the education / human service arena make him a speaker who knows how to address the pressing and pertinent needs, issues and problems that you are facing in your venue. 

    Michael is not just another motivational entertainer who will speak to your group, make you feel good for awhile and then exit, leaving you to feel that it was all "very nice but now what?"

    He will provide you with concrete insights and ideas and offer practical ways to implement them. You will leave his programs feeling motivated to do the work it requires to put your newfound knowledge and insights into realistic action that will make a difference in your life and the lives you touch. When you attend a Michael Karpovich program, you will never be the same!


    Please call now to schedule your programs for your group. Dates fill up quickly each year!

    Call now to confirm or place a hold on a date for your student assemblies, association annual conventions, summer camps or other student programs. We are available to take your calls from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada at any time. We can also fax or mail you further information on Michael so that you can quickly make an informed decision on programs for this and the coming school year.


"We need this program at our company -- badly!"



    If you have gotten to this point, and read this far, you are by now ready to bring Michael in to speak to your colleagues. I invite you to be one of the people he works with this year!

    Call now to find out how Michael Karpovich can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. We are prepared to fax or mail you any information you require so that you can quickly make an intelligent decision that will make your next program the best one ever!  

"I need this program at our company  NOW !"

    Please note that as the calendar fills up, our flexibility becomes more and more limited, so do call NOW! We guarantee that you will not be disappointed and will refund your money if you are not totally satisfied! We look forward to making this year rewarding and productive for all of us in the "helping professions."

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