This program is part of the Best Generation Series and is a logical follow-up to "Creating the Best Generation." Program focus is on encouraging teachers to build on the self-esteem of students so they can feel "capable" and is suited to classroom teachers, counselors, social workers, and other educational personnel. Teaching "capability" also necessitates an awareness of the "crisis of our culture." Healthy educators who desire to "make a difference" will learn what it takes to educate children from difficult settings and turn them into world-changing leaders!

Some of the objectives are:

  • To introduce the necessity of excellence in our contemporary culture.
  • To propose the necessity of capable individuals for our hurting culture.
  • To encourage parents to be capable parents, teachers to be capable teachers, community leaders be capable leaders and children to be capable individuals.
  • To introduce specific methods that individuals can use to strive for excellence and passion in their lives, and specific tools to help them to feel personally and professionally capable.

Contact hours: This program is available in two formats

  • In-depth discussion - 5 hour seminar (one day)
  • In-depth participatory, hands-on workshop - 10 hour workshop (two days)