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You must bookmark this resource page.  Michael adds to it on a regular basis. This page includes copies of articles and handouts that Michael has written. Please browse them by title/topic  -- it's FREE!  Also this page has gobs of other cool resources that you MUST take advantage of -- and even some of them are free!

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What follows are articles, programs and handouts that Michael has presented to speakers at the National Speakers Association and its chapter.

You may and are encouraged to reprint any of the following articles and or handouts as long as you give full credit to the author:

Michael Scott Karpovich, Certified Speaking Professional 1-989-673-3036  P.O. Box 272, Caro, MI 48723-0272 U.S.A.  E-Mail CLICK HERE! 




  4. KARP’s ABC’s, 1,2,3's, Do, Re, Mi's of Marketing for the Professional Speaker

  5. BUYING A PREGNANT RABBIT leveraging your speech


  7. Where Did You Leave Your Legacy?

  8. Positioning Yourself to Leave a Legacy

  9. DESIGNING YOUR LEGACY (What footprints will you leave?) or THE PURSUIT OF FAME (It is not self-serving — it is what you owe your audience!)

  10. Your 46-step process to achieve FAME from ground ZERO handout

  11. The Pursuit of Fame Part 1

  12. The Pursuit of Fame Part 2

  13. The Pursuit of Fame Part 3 

  14. The Pursuit of Fame Part 4 

  15. "CRISIS MARKETING" (...when you just gotta’ eat!) handout

  16. Why Your Chapter Must NEVER Do A Directory Again! chapter planning tool

  17. If you are serious, YOU MUST check out the speakers resources inKarp's Bookstore!

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Michael as a MENTOR?: For years people have begged Michael to create an opportunity for his colleagues to hire him so that they may learn to become a "MASTER STORYTELLER!"  If you really feel that this will help you grow as a professional speaker, Michael will gladly work with you through an eight week course.  CLICK HERE

SPEAKER'S RETIREMENT: As a speaker we get paid when we speak.  If you are brilliant you create products that also add income.  If you are blessed your book will sell forever and will become a residual income.  However what happens if you only sell books when you speak?  What happens if your only real income comes when you speak?  What happens if you want to retire?  What happens if you want to take a sabbatical or a long vacation?  Will your income STOP?  Will you be able to pay your bills?  Will you need to get a real job? Will you start working as a greeter at Wal-Mart?  GOD FORBID  Michael Scott Karpovich has discovered a tool that builds residual income -- a supplementary business where we get paid not for what we do but for what we STARTED!  Within a year we got to the point where we no longer need to "do" anything but we will continue to make thousands of dollars a month!  It is our plan to build this to the point where (on a very part time basis) we will bet to the point where we are making $10,000 every month without any extra effort.  If you see value in this please call us and in 30 minutes we can show you exactly what we are doing.  Dial our personal direct line at 989-529-5070.  Michael will always be a professional speaker and in over three decades has built an amazing profitable business.  He will continue to speak but this effort has already allowed him a lot of flexibility.

DIVERSIFICATION: As speakers we need to diversify what we do to pay the bills. One way is to write books and articles and sell an assortment of products. However, past national president, Certified Speaking Professional and Speakers Hall of Fame recipient Nido Qubien has pointed out that too many speakers rely on speaking income alone to pay the bills and this can be quite dangerous.  Nido himself invests in real estate, serves on the board of a bank, is chairman of "Great Harvest Bread Co." and now is serving as the president of High Point University!  Many other great speakers invest in real estate or owns companies that have little to do with speaking -- just to supplement their income.  This is called "WISDOM!"  My wifeClick to view presentation and I found a great opportunity that doesn't negatively affect time on the road speaking, or time at the desk writing and creating... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

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I am very impressed by what "Speaker Launcher" has done for some of my colleagues!

List Your Site with Overture and appear on the top of search results of leading sites like Yahoo!, Lycos and MSN!  When I listed my website my hits went up significantly!  You can literally own a search term!  THINK ABOUT IT!


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It is hard to maintain the speakers calendar, keep in touch with bureaus, keep track of holds and confirmations not to mention second and third holds!  OH BOY!  There is a solution in one word: eSpeakers.com !  Not only is this a master online calendar for speakers, but it tracks everything from multiple holds, block out dates, confirmations to speech times, client contact information, even speaker's stories, travel details, rental car, airline and hotel confirmations! eSpeakers.com comes in three versions eVent Junior which is free, eVent Junior Plus and eVent Pro!  Although all three versions are great, the amazing thing about the Pro version is it enables bureaus to check your calendar for open dates and they can actually put a hold on your calendar even if they can't get in touch with you!  The bureaus can even put your calendar on their website as you can put it on yours! In my opinion you are foolish if you don't, at very least have the free version!  This has revolutionaries my business in only a few days!




Coach from home with "KEEN"

Are you tired of travel, planes or even more the painful delays? Many of our colleagues have been working quite hard to find alternative ways to make a living as a speaker.  Of course you could always write another book or article or perhaps you could run successful Teleseminars. I have discovered a brilliant program called KEEN.com!  KEEN is a program that allows you to offer your information for sale over the phone. You may offer your material in a pre-recorded format or live over the phone.  In either case your fellow KEEN members will pay money to call you or that taped program. You set your per minute fee and you get 2/3 of your fee above 5 cents per minute. It would be foolish for you not to take advantage of this FREE opportunity to promote your expertise and your consulting or speaking services while making money!  Click here to become part of this community:



About the Report


Speaking Successfully: 1001 Tips for Thriving in the Speaking Business is an invaluable resource for those who speak as part of their business. We have organized the best tips from SpeakerNet News compiled through 1998. We've double-checked Web sites, deleted expired offers, and worked to make this the best version of collected wisdom from speakers around the world.

We hope you will be as pleased as we are with the result.

Speaking Successfully is available in printed form and as an electronic book (PDF).

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The International Federation of Professional Speakers, it's National Associations and its local and regional chapters are the community, the neighborhood, the family of professional speakers.  Speaker Net News is where we meet on-line.  This unique, brilliant Ezine is not "officially" a product of any speaker association but it is a result of individual members contributing ideas, solutions, questions and answers.  RECOMMENDATION:  Subscribe to the online newsletter NOW!  IT IS FREE!!  Click Here to SUBSCRIBE NOW!


I book 40 to 50% of my speaking engagements on-line this is one of the resources I regularly reference. Brilliant tools to become a leader on the internet... 

Speakers & Trainers: Build a Business, Not Your Career
with Rita Risser, JD, CSP

Tired of being on the road? Leverage your expertise and build a business that will support you to live your life. Stay at home when you want, work part-time or sell the business and retire. You can clone yourself and build a business by hiring contract trainers and licensing your materials for in-house training and to independent contractors.


Contributors - With ExpertArticles you can

 Have a FREE, easy method to reach current or potential clients
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 Achieve the credibility of being published


      This is a great tool to help you create a quick inexpensive website without hiring a designer.  Depending on how long you invest in learning the tool, you can make a profitable site with this program.  I have at least one site with this tool and have authored one for a friend and some audience members took it upon themselves to author a site on my behalf!  HOW COOL!

ProSavvy generates Quality Projects, and streamlines the process of bringing our small consultants together with clients that have active projects to fill.

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    • Service Warranty to assure a Return on your Investment

    • Projects for a variety of skills including: Sales/Marketing, Management, Engineering, Finance, Environmental, Finance, Telecom, Safety, IT.... & many more.

    • Over 75,000 Active Businesses including Fortune 500 Companies

    • Over 800 different industries including: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, and many more.

Partial Client List: (copy to the URL address below to your web browser)
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Talk Fusion - Be Part of the Moment

Professional Colleague and fellow speaker Karen Rose has brought this amazing tool to my attention and I believe we need to seriously consider what Talk Fusion can bring to our marketing efforts.  Bring life to your e-mail... bring video to your  e-mail and website.  This tool is brilliant and is a profound marketing tool for anyone who is a communicator or educator!  Click on the link and take the tour 

Do your emails need a dash of fun? If you're one of the 700 million email users sending over 30 billion emails every day, you can point, click and send vibrant video emails to anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime. Talk Fusion combines the power of television with the ease of email, allowing you to be in two places at once, share special moments and even build greater brand loyalty among customers. All without annoying downloads, pop-up windows, software to install or attachments to open. And with our proprietary technology, you can add razzle-dazzle to any message in less than two minutes.
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Customer success stories.



Scheduled Expert for April, 5th: Michael Scott Karpovich, Certified Speaking Professional
Expert's Field: Founder of the Education P.E.G.!
Expert's Website: http://www.educationspeaker.com

Event Title: "Building an Empire within the Education Market"

Event Description: You are kidding me! You make a living speaking to children?  to parents? to teachers? to schools? THERE IS NO MONEY IN IT! You've heard it before, if you want to make a living, or certainly a good living from speaking to schools!

Well, many speakers have chosen to speak to schools and have consistently made astounding amounts of money and a great living within this amazingly profitable, powerful and astoundingly large niche.  In 1978 Michael Scott Karpovich started speaking to sixth graders and since that time he has worked hard to build an empire within the education niche. During this session you will learn how he has built his business into a multi faceted empire within education. He will show you how to expand your message to different audiences, through different venues, and by exploiting different educational tools.  During our call you�ll hear how Michael has a six-figure income for every one of the past 15 years! Time allowing he will also answer your questions about marketing to schools.  Michael is not only the current chair of NSA�s Educators Professional Experts Group PEG; he is the founder!  He presented a version of this at the NSA Western workshop this past February, he has helped over fifty very successful education speakers go from desire to profit� and to difference maker!

Youth Navigators Roundtable

Sales and Marketing

The National Speakers Association’s Seventh Competency

This is the "developing business" Competency. It involves sales and marketing knowledge, skills and techniques to generate speaking engagements and expand the impact of speakers� messages through product sales. If mastery involves wisdom, and wisdom involves the capacity to make finer and finer distinctions to discover uniqueness, that�s what mastering sales and marketing strategies is about. Mastering this Competency results in comprehensive sales and marketing strategies for speaking engagements and products.

An important part of a sales and marketing strategy is the process used to initiate and maintain contact with clients. Contacts may be for qualifying/ prospecting, selling, arranging a presentation/performance and follow-up or service. Mastering techniques of sales and marketing contacts will include traditional approaches (telephone, mail, person-to-person) and approaches evolving with new communication technologies.

A sales strategy depends on what is being sold, to whom and how the sale is accomplished. Developing sales strategies for speakers requires making distinctions between several strategic components to build on the uniqueness of a sales opportunity. Mastering this Competency begins with a speaker’s knowledge of five strategic components of a sales strategy, their numerous elements, and the skills needed to work with them.

A marketing strategy depends on what is to be marketed, to whom it is marketed and the marketing techniques employed. Developing marketing strategies for speakers requires making distinctions among several strategic components to build on the uniqueness of a marketing opportunity. Mastering this Competency begins with a speaker’s knowledge of five strategic components of a marketing strategy, their numerous elements, and the skills needed to work with them.

The design of promotional materials of all types is the first step to successful direct-mail marketing and advertising.

Many speakers fall into the trap of seeking their "riches" in far-flung places when "diamonds-a-plenty" are within reach. They are missing the opportunities of market penetration, developing what they have already "staked out."

Being a national or international celebrity elevates the image of the speaker to a plateau above former peers. Personal qualities are important, but proper positioning is essential to acquiring national or international acclaim.

Product sales have become an important part of many speakers’ businesses. For some speakers, product sales are restricted to seminar manuals and other program support materials. Other speakers have developed extensive product lines with books, audio- and videotapes and other ancillary items that result in major sources of income.

Customer service, customer loyalty and partnering with customers are frequently heard terms in all industries. What do these mean in the speaking industry for speakers’ relationships with clients who hire them to present/perform and customers who purchase their products?



Protect your throat with ENTERTAINERS SECRET!

As a professional speaker the only thing you should treasure more than your database and more than your letters of endorsement is your voice.  In 1989 several speakers who I admired started to loose their voices.  Some just became very horse, other actually developed nodules on their vocal cords!  Some eventually quit speaking altogether! This scared me to death! Then an actor buddy told me about this amazing elixir called "Entertainer's Secret" that was being used by Broadway actors and singers.  I looked for years to find it then finally I got their toll free number and I ordered it.  PRICELESS!  Spray it on the back of your throat and you notice it!  I take it with me everytime I speak, I gave a bottle to my girlfriend who sings, I share it with all my speaking buddies!  It is small, will fit into your pocket or your purse -- it is easy to take with you wherever you go.  I even take it up on the stage with me! I highly recommend that you try this tool yourself! Check out their website at http://www.entertainers-secret.com


Consider some of the audio tapes of programs that Michael has done for the National Speakers Association.  You should seriously consider the one video tape of a General Session Michael did.  The video, and the presentation had very high reviews.

    All of these audio & video tapes are owned by Convention Cassettes. Michael receives no commission for any sales. As a service to you, please check them out.  The highest-rated, best-selling tapes are:

7 tapes Now 10 NSA Audio & Video Tapes
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