GET READY FOR Cincinnati!


    The 28th Annual PRIDE Youth Prevention Conference in Cincinnati Ohio!  DON'T MISS IT!!!

28th Annual Conference 2005 in Cincinnati, Ohio

27th Annual Conference 2004 in St Louis, Missouri 

26th Annual Conference 2003 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

25th Annual Conference 2002 in Cincinnati, Ohio

"Highly energetic speaker & made audience very comfortable!" 

   -Peggy Mercer, Conference Manager PRIDE Youth Programs


As long as there has been PRIDE ... Karp has been speaking to kids in schools about making intelligent decisions!


Fortunately PRIDE found "KARP" and invited him to speak at the PRIDE 25th anniversary convention in Cincinnati, OH in 2002... a relationship was born! Everyone loved his unique take on positive decisions and diversity acceptance.  They begged to have him back...

It is unlikely that Michael will ever miss another PRIDE event... 

These are "KARP's People!" and "Karp" is PRIDE's speaker!