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Wearing my famous shoes during a talk for Manfield, Ohio's Community Action for Capable Youth, (C.A.C.Y.) I have 8th grade Mike McFadden hold my microphone as he works as my "mobile MIKE stand!" 

FBLA/PBL Regional Conference Keynote Pittsburgh 2005


In 1987 Michael was invited to be the speaker for the Akron Fairgrove Michigan Kindergarten class graduation -- Thirteen years later he was asked to be the comencment speaker for the same class as they were the graduation class of 2000.  Here Senior Donald Kuck trys to sit in the same small chair he easily sat in 13 years earlier! 

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Michael Speaking for FCCLA Michigan

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Karpovich speaks with young kids at Saint Robert School in Flushing Michigan!

 Morley Saffer of CBS's 60 minutes interview Michael for a story "The Power of Positive Speaking"

Keynote at Future Business Leaders of America 

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This photo is one of Michael Scott Karpovich, CSP, and Geoffrey L. Bryan, JD, who co-hosted the Audio Magazine "VOICES OF EXPERIENCE" during the 1998-99 year.  They were best known for their "Point/ Counterpoint" segments!



Teen Conference

This photo of Michael was taken at age 4, literally several days after he was diagnosed with brain damage.

This is Michael in fifth grade.. Michael calls it his "NERD PHOTO" because he is not only wearing his "geeky glasses," but his famous crooked hair cut is also evident.

PRIDE photos

Future Business Leaders 2005 leadership event Salt Lake City, Utah

Famous Gymnaisum setting with student in arms...

Michael & his "Mobil Mike Stand"

As a youth Michael was shorter than his peers ... now he says those that may "appear short" are giants in their hearts!

Michael spoke for FBLA/PBL for several years keynoting the New York State Chapter, doing breakout programs at several national and regional conferences and (above) in 2005 keynoting the Pittsburgh based National Regional Conference!

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