Leadership and self-esteem have been confused with an unhealthy, self-centered individualism. In this program, you will learn that true leadership does not demand followers but rather, creates more leaders. Participants discover how positive leadership can create the best in our world and prevent violence and other typical dysfunctional experiences from painful cultures. The popularity of this program has led companies, associations, conferences, college and universities as well as other adult groups to frequently request this practical, motivational program. Objectives of the program include the following:

  • To draw a picture for participants of the benefits of "a leadership that spreads."
  • To make the connection between self-esteem, self-image and leadership.
  • To have participants practice the different aspects of contagious leadership.
  • To have participants learn and practice specific leadership building skills.
  • To discuss and practice encouraging others to find the leader within themselves.
  • To stress the necessity of big dreams and grand goals for great leaders.
  • To present an in-depth, goal-achieving strategy for participants.

Contact hours: This program is available in several formats.

All D.I.I. programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.