This program is designed specifically for students and is an ideal follow-up to the introductory program "Creating the Best Generation." Becoming the Best Generation introduces youth to the importance of goal-setting, healthy self-esteem and a positive self-image. Participants learn how their perspective of self creates their future. This program is particularly suited to middle school, high school and college-age students. Becoming the BEST is not an unreachable goal; unfortunately, children who receive negative input again and again will never consider it an option. This program often starts youth toward dreaming of bigger goals and recognizing their potential. Students leave realizing they are capable of making a difference and determined that they will become world-changing leaders! Some of the objectives are:

    • To introduce the concept of striving to become the best.
    • To propose that capability and strength can come from pain and adversity.
    • To encourage students to feel they are capable individuals.
    • To introduce specific methods that individuals can use to strive for excellence and passion in their lives, and specific tools to help them feel personally capable.

Contact hours: This program is available in three formats

  • Overview / Keynote - 90 minute presentation
  • In-depth discussion - 3 hour seminar

In-depth participatory, hands-on workshop


If we are to empower our colleagues, employees, children and ourselves to live capable lives, we must learn how to see the best in ourselves and in others. Creating the Best Generation is an overview presentation that discusses how to empower ourselves and others. We will discuss leadership, self-esteem, peer pressure and how to find strength from adversity.

Leadership and self-esteem have been confused with an unhealthy, self-centered individualism. In this program we learn that true leadership does not demand followers but instead, demands that we create more leaders. While listening to Becoming the Best Generation, participants discover that their own self-esteem must be cultivated first and only then can they, in a contagious way, spread a positive esteem to others in their company, community, state, and country!