High School Speaker for youth programs, ideal for schools and teen conferences and school assemblies.  

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Are you looking for a powerful school assembly, a youth conference, a successful high school speaker, a powerful staff program, a middle school assemblies, a speaker for kids and teens?  If yes read this:

"Unlike most people in the world, you know that all children are �at risk� and all children are "gifted and talented" . . . One carefully chosen word or action can tilt the scales to bring out the best in a child! Fair or not, the responsibility for positively influencing the next generation rests on your shoulders."

Dear Educator,

Every school deals with different issues one is facing school violence, another substance abuse, then some schools have a high rate of teen pregnancy, and others school dropout some feel they are dealing with all of these problems! Then there are some schools who insist they are facing none of these problems, however their students have an unhealthy pressure to succeed, the overachieving kids who have threatened or even attempted suicide!

Are we teachers or are we therapists? Everything has changed in schools! While some politicians are trying to help by mandating test scores, and performance evaluations the kids are falling through the cracks with huge personal issues! What should we do to effectively educate the children and still deal with all the issues they bring on the campus?

 �  Lack of Leadership  

  School Violence

   Substance Abuse



  Diversity Issues

  �  Suicide  

  Learning Disabilities


  Parental Divorce

  Domestic Violence


  Sexual Abuse

  Teen Pregnancy


  School Dropout




There are some amazing curriculums and programs that have proven effective.  Old standard youth programs like Scouts, Boys and Girls clubs, and 4-H continue to develop the best in kids! Leadership programs like DECA, FCCLA, VICA, FBLA, TSA, FFA, and HOSA have guided many teens into a successful professional life out of high school! Very progressive student programs like S.A.D.D., Teen Institutes, Youth to Youth, PRIDE, even the elementary program DARE have made profound impact on students making healthy choices.

We have known forever that -it takes a village- unfortunately not everyone in town wants to be part of raising our kids. Nevertheless parents and other adults have found programs that have allowed their involvement in the school whether it is the PTO / PTA (Parent Teacher Organization), Big Brothers Big Sisters or even groups like M.A.D.D. (Mother Against Drunk Drivers).

                                                    Every drop helps 

to fill the bucket!

Everyone seems to be looking for the magic pill, the single answer to all of our problems� there is no such thing.  It takes all of these solutions and a lot of other efforts to even begin to address these problems.

There is one thing that all of these solutions have in common at one time or another every one of these programs have brought in a professional speaker.  Motivational or otherwise speakers have the unique ability to get parents, teachers and students excited about making positive change.

I have spent the past ten years introducing people like you to Michael Scott Karpovich, Certified Speaking Professional, urging them to consider using him for staff inservices, student assemblies, parent and community programs. The response has been outstanding and we have been steadily booking programs for schools, associations, human service agencies and community groups well into 2006.

Although our calendar fills up quickly, there are still dates available for this upcoming program year. Because of the overwhelming response we have received, however, we felt an urgent need to tell you to call us NOW!

You cant afford to make this crucial decision without real evidence that Michael really delivers what we promise. So just listen to what some of his clients had to say of his work:

    You would never forgive me if I didnt offer you this opportunity. . .

    Although our calendar is filling up quickly, there are still dates available for this program year. Because of the overwhelming response we have received, we felt an urgent need to let you know so that you would not miss this opportunity...


    You can host a program for your high school students, your middle school students (Becoming the Best Generation), your elementary school students (Positive Peer Pressure), your "at-risk" students (Never Let it Get the Best of Me! ), and your student leaders (Contagious Leadership) -- all during the same day! But that is not all...

    During that same day, you can offer a program for your staff on preventing burnout (The Art of Taking Care of Yourself), or on the role of a great teacher (Teaching the Best Generation). After school, you can sponsor another program for community leaders, local service clubs, your hospital or perhaps the local police (Leave a Legacy). Then, if that isnt enough, during the evening you can host a program for parents (Raising the Best Generation) that will feature how to communicate with your children, the three "Cs" of effective discipline, and how to teach self-esteem to your child!

A Speaker That Connects

    Storytelling, humor and high energy are all tools that Michael uses to not simply educate your students but engage them. This is a program they will not soon forget! Some will laugh, some will cry but all will learn.

    Whether he is speaking about substance abuse prevention, student leadership, self-esteem or his most popular topic -- resiliency skills� Michaels message will make a difference. His programs will change the entire student body and its school environment. Wouldnt it be great if kids were nicer to each other?!

    Michaels ability to connect with audiences of any age, to deliver a powerful message that doesnt just inspire but changes peoples lives, and to offer programs with value at a cost-effective rate, is unparalleled by other speakers. His message will produce lasting results in your school system, association or community group, and he will work with you in a manner that is professional and flexible.


    Dont believe me... ask those who have hired Michael. I know that you cant afford to make this crucial decision without real evidence that he will deliver what we promise. So just listen to what several recent clients had to say of his work:

1.           "What can I say, You were marvelous. Thank you so very much for your excellent presentation at both Whippany Park and Hanover Park High Schools. Very few people have the ability to make pupils and adults not only listen but really hear them. You are one of those people!" - Paula Gallagher, M.A., Student Assistance Counselor, Whippany, NJ

2.          "Michael is not simply good - he is one of the best. He received a shouting, clapping standing ovation as our keynote speaker and packed two large breakout rooms in his small group sessions later that day." - Mary Alice Galloway, President, Michigan School Food Service Association

3.           "Not only were Michaels words refreshing but teachers were able to take home practical teaching tools to revive and motivate their students in the classroom. Teachers have described him as dynamic, energetic, and effective. As a result of such positive responses, I intend on inviting Michael back to our school district and encourage many other school districts to utilize his services." - Mary Beno, Livingston Educational Service Agency

4.            "What can I say! There aren�t enough positive adjectives to describe your work in our school district with all of our middle school students, staff, and parents. You came, you saw, you conquered!" - Sandy Dyer, Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coordinator, Bellevue Public Schools, Bellevue, WA  

5.           "I just want you to know how great the reaction has been from the inservice training that you gave us. People haven�t stopped talking about you! Without a doubt, you provided us with the best day we have had for some time. The responses from the 240 individuals in attendance said it all. All responses were the most positive available!" - Julie Hickman, Marion County Board of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities, Marion, Ohio

6.           "Michael Karpovich has a very personal style that participants find warm, funny, emotionally provoking and both personally and professionally enlightening." - Diane Vella, Performance Resource Press, Inc.

7.           "Your contributions to the 42nd Annual Michigan School Food Service Association Conference and Trade Show were exceptional. Almost all of our participants rated both your General Session and your Break Out Session presentations at five on our five-point scale." - Dr. Alvin Rudisill, Executive Director, MSFSA

8.           "For weeks after his presentation, students, parents, and teachers were complimenting his performance and thanking me for choosing Michael." Glenda Tetemanza, Prevention Specialist, Blackhawk High School, Beaver Falls, PA

9.           "You listened to our concerns and validated our feelings, leaving us with a new sense of hope in working with at-risk students. Your approach was very dynamic and effective!" Kelly Gleason, MSW, Pupil Personnel Coordinator, Hopewell Public Schools, Hopewell, VA

10.       "On behalf of the guidance staff of the Hopewell School Division, I would like to thank you for your presentation. Your approach was very dynamic and effective. You listened to our concerns and validated our feelings, leaving us with a new sense of hope in working with at-risk students."  Kelly Gleason, Hopewell Public Schools, Hopewell, VA

11.       "We all agree that your contributions to our day had a most significant impact on its outstanding success. People raved about your presentations. We cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm, energy, experience and dynamism." Patricia Wise, Executive Director, Preschool Enrichment Team, Springfield, MA

12.       "Mike was so popular with the students...he was asked to return a second time. As one student put it, The best thing about Mike was that he was real!" Tobin Smith, Advisor, The University of Michigan

13.       "I believe that Michael Karpovich is one of the best speakers that has addressed students at Novi High School in my ten years here. His ability to speak to students of all academic and social backgrounds was evident...every student was with Michael all the way!" Donald Crockett, Activities Coordinator, Novi High School, Novi, MI

14.       "The issues and feelings you shared were universal and affected many people. Your message hit home and touched many people, even to those who didnt want to admit it." Charles Schallhorn, Teacher, Munster High School, Munster, IN

15.       "I cannot say enough positive stuff to express my satisfaction with the results of having Michael as a motivational speaker for our program. The fact that he is coming back for a fourth year in a row speaks for itself." Jack Foster, Coordinator, Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp, Caribou, ME

16.       "Many participants requested that we ask you back. You evidently made several people really think about themselves. Thank you for sharing your expertise and energy with us." Gloria Bourdon, Coordinator, Genesee Intermediate School District, Flint, MI

17.       "Michael Karpovich is an outstanding presenter who has the ability to inspire people of various ages. He has the ability to adapt to various age groups instantly, reaching out to the timid, involving others, and building a relationship with his audiences." Dr. Ida Basinski, Director of Instruction, Algonac Community Schools, Algonac, MI

18.       "Michael Karpovich is an accomplished motivator and we continue to receive very positive reactions to his presentations. For these reasons, we ask him back again and again!" Dr. Lottie Jones, President/CEO, National Council on Alcoholism & Other Dependencies of Greater Detroit

19.       "Following your presentation, I was handed a note which read, Thank you for a wonderful beginning to the school year. Michael Karpovich was one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. He will not only affect me as a teacher but also as a mother, wife, friend, and as an individual." David G. LaQuay, Superintendent, Helendale School District, Helendale, CA

20.       "Never in my years of experience have I met an adult that could reach so many young people in such an effective way...Michael is by far the best!" Marlene Gonet, Substance Abuse Counselor, Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor, MI

 21.       "Michael Karpovich is an outstanding presenter. He turns passive listeners into actively engaged learners. Michael goes beyond giving information and cognitive knowledge; he reaches people at an emotional and commitment level of consciousness." Steven Dieleman, Health & Substance Abuse Prevention Education, Kent Intermediate School District, Grand Rapids, MI

22.       "Michael is an extremely energetic and interesting speaker committed to the quality of family life and youth in particular." --"Not only does Michael work well with family members, he works well with professionals. He is a heart-warming speaker who is quite capable of controlling large crowds of young people as well as keeping the interest of adult men and women." Janet Reed, Extension Educator, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, Rensselaer, IN

23.       "As always, your contribution to the program was an outstanding success, and your presence was an inspiration to all of us who seek some reality in our lives." George Stewart, Conference Coordinator

24.       "Karp...before I heard you talk I didnt like myself. Now I like myself and I know I can be a leader. You changed my life...youre my hero." Jennifer Pyle, Tenth Grade Student

25.       "Thanks, Michael, for all your help and guidance...I am going to spend more quantity rather than just quality time with my kids." Janet Wendt, Parent, Nashville, TN

26.       "(the)...response to his message was so overwhelming. Mike has the unique ability to pick out those students who are in need of a boost, give them a hug, and set an example for all in the room on how to treat their fellow human beings. He can easily peg the class bully and the nerd and make them see the good in themselves." John R. Ferda, Principal, Croswell/Lexington, MI

27.       "I liked Mike. He was real funny...I hope he comes back again." Bob Burns, 4th Grade, Atlanta, GA

28.       "I have been an engineer at GM for 20 years. I have heard numerous motivational speakers in that time. Not one of them commanded the attention you did." Gordon C. Krieger

29.       "There are many speakers who are trying to sell their messages. What is special about you and what you have to offer is that your ideas come from the heart. You appear to be in tune with the population, mood of the environment and apply your important messages accordingly. I have seen you speak to a variety of populations and again, you were sensitive to Native American issues here. ...Your message is causing positive action toward understanding family dynamics, effective listening and communication skills, and doing our best for the little nerd inside all of us!" Lisa Johnson, Coordinator, Chadron State College, Chadron, NE 

30.       "High school students are a challenging audience to address and assemblies can be anxious times for administrators and teachers. Mike entertained and educated our students and staff for ninety minutes. Our students responded with a standing ovation. I recommend Mike and can tell you, from experience, to relax and let the Karp weave his magic." Bob Smith, Principal, Wickliffe High School, Wickliffe, OH

31.       "I am thoroughly convinced that Michael Karpovich will go above and beyond all expectations you may have regarding presentations on substance abuse and/or self-esteem. His message has truly made a profound impact upon many of the students within Forest Hills Public Schools." Ron Caniff, Prevention Coordinator, Forest Hills Northern High School, Grand Rapids, MI

32.       "Not only were Michaels words refreshing, but teachers were able to take home practical teaching tools to revive and motivate their students in the classroom." Mary Beno, Health Education Consultant, Livingston Educational Service Agency, Howell, MI

 33.       "This is literally the best workshop I have ever attended. Michaels team approach to training and groups gave all of us participants a boost of energy." Dr. John Darrell, Head Psychologist, Dornell Community Hospital

34.       "The results of having Michael at our school were positive. Students listen to what he has to say. His catch phrases are still being used by staff and students." John B. Klunder, Asst. Principal, Central High School, Grand Rapids, MI

35.       "Your presentations certainly make a difference in the lives of people. Thanks for coming and being an inspiration to all of us!" Lou LaPrairie, Parent Education Coordinator, Au Sable Valley CMH, Tawas City, MI

36.       "Michael...gave us exactly what we requested and needed. I expect to see him back in Clarksville." Bill Conley, Supt., Clarksville Community School Corp., Clarksville, IN

37.       "Michael, your presentation was wonderful! Your message is clear and positive and makes a difference! Please continue to share your message with our youth." Melinda P. Donna, Student Council Advisor, Sparrows Point Middle School, Baltimore, MD

38.       " Michael, your presentation was great! Teachers, parents, and students commented on the power of your message and said they are trying many ideas that were presented." Suzanne Richardson, Director of Special Services, Prince George County Public Schools, Prince George, VA

39.       "You left each and everyone of us a very powerful message - you will not be forgotten! You have a special gift, Michael; continue to share it with others, PLEASE!" Carol A. McElwee, Caribou High School, Caribou, ME

40.       "You were great! Your message and ability to relate to students make you an exceptional presenter!" Rose J. Arbanas, Conference Director, Calhoun ISD, Marshall, MI

41.       "Your presentations to the 350+ students and parents who attended the conference were outstanding and the feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive! Be prepared, because they want you back again next year for a third time!" Marion Ginopolis, Asst. Supt., Berkley School District, Berkley, MI

42.       "This letter concerns the workshops you did here. They were excellent! The message we wanted you to give came out loud and clear!" Angel Deschaine, Student, Madawaska Middle/High School, Madawaska, ME

43.       "I�d like to thank Michael for his program �Raising the Best Generation. I thought the program was wonderful. It encouraged me as a parent when I needed it desperately." Mrs. Jeanne Jarlock, Parent, Saginaw, MI

44.       "Our students and staff appreciated the positive encouragement of this fine young man. He is indeed a rare commodity in this hurting world!" Betty Mills, R.N., Marlette Community Schools, Marlette, MI

45.       "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made me look like a hero...! But more importantly, you gave us two content-packed and entertaining presentations on two entirely different aspects of the profession." Ross C. Mackay, Program Chairman, Ontario Speakers Association

46.       "Michael, I hope you know what a positive impact you are having on our kids today. What rewarding work you are doing!" Zonya E. Foco, R.D., Clinical Nutritionist, Nutricare Nutrition Services

47.       "We have had many great speakers but few have enraptured us as you, Michael. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, humor and expertise with us." David Sweet, President, Ontario Speakers Association, Bath, Ontario, Canada

48.       "You really inspired me and I�d like to talk with you more!" Angela - Alternative Education Student

49.       "You were great! GREAT! GREAT!! Thanks so much for your excellent keynote presentation at our Student Leadership Forum. The way you relate to the students is a special gift. Thank you for sharing it with us." JoAnne Miller, Coordinator, Student Leadership Forum, Calhoun Intermediate School District, Marshall, MI

50.       "Mike has a very unique ability to communicate with young people in an effective manner." James W. Goebel, Principal, Marlette Community Schools, Marlette, MI

51.       "Your enthusiasm is contagious and I can see why your approach is well-received by teachers and parents as well as students. I was particularly impressed with the way you handled the more active members of our audience by having them participate in your message." Rhys VanDemark, Prevention Coord, Allegan Co. Intermediate School District, Allegan, MI

52.       "I would not hesitate to recommend your student assemblies to any youth organization. You are entertaining, educational, thought-provoking, and a positive influence on our childrens� lives." Richard Partlo, Counselor, Cass City Public Schools, Cass City, MI

53.       "I want you to know that I have received many positive comments from both our staff and our students. More importantly, the students have taken your message home since I also heard from some of the parents that your presentation had made an impact." M.F. Turco, Principal, Bawating Collegiate and Vocational School, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

54.       "I liked your high-energy presentation and the kids had a lot of positive comments on the program. You seem very service-oriented, especially on the day you called me in the middle of a blizzard." Naomi Kitajima, Health Services Coordinator, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA

55.       "It�s hard to find the right words to describe the appreciation I feel for all of your hard work, pounds of emotional energy, and bushels of caring your shared with staff and participants. Your expertise and caring with the Peers was an incredible contribution to the success of the Peer Camp." Beth Deo, Prevention Specialist, Call Someone Concerned, Inc., Adrian, MI

56.       "Your message of its okay to be different and -yuk makes you stronger is a meaningful one for kids!" or "You not only remind me of Leo Buscaglia and Robin Williams, but also of Guy Doud." Jan Gorby

57.       "Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation at our in-service program this past Monday. Your concepts and ideas were presented clearly and your unique approach to the subject focused attention in a very positive direction." Larry C. Frank, Coudersport Jr/Sr High School, Coudersport, PA

58.       "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all you gave to the children of the NSA Conference in Atlanta! What a special person your are! The kids could not stop talking about all they learned and felt during their Youth workshops and presentations and I know that you were a big part of that for them." Bertie Synowiec, Director, Positive Support Seminars, Grosse Ile, MI

59.       "As we continue to plan for future staff/student inservices, rest assured that we will be in touch with Dynamic Interactions, Inc." Jennifer Engle, Curriculum Coordinator, Lenawee Intermediate School District, Adrian, MI

60.       "The evening presentation was very special and meaningful to both my husband and me. I was mesmerized for that hour! You have a way of projecting your excitement and enthusiasm to the audience that is very effective. Keep up the great job!" Carole Schrauben, Occupational Therapist, Ionia Co ISD, Ionia, MI

61.       "Im confident nearly everyone gained new knowledge and insights about themselves from Michaels presentations. He really gives his audience a feeling of how much he cares and not how much he knows." Alan R. Ader, Ext. Agent Director, Purdue U. Cooperative Extension Service, Rockville, IN

62.       "I rejoice in the wonderful response our young people expressed to your presentation on Substance Abuse. Young people can get bored so easily but you have a real gift in keeping their attention yet getting your message across." Julia Cramer

63.       "It was so refreshing to listen to a positive, humorous speaker. His message was heard and will be remembered because of his style of delivery. He left our students feeling better about themselves, and kinder toward each other. We thank Michael Scott Karpovich for this gift!" Joanie St. John, Counselor, Harbor Springs Schools, Harbor Springs, MI

64.       "Michael has a very personal style that participants find warm, funny, emotionally provoking and both personally and professionally enlightening." Diane Vella, Vice-President Conference Mgt., Performance Resource Press, Inc, Troy, MI

65.       "Just saying thank you seems a small reward for sharing your time, talents, and expertise in your field with my trainees. Your charismatic delivery made your segment of the program especially entertaining and enlightening." Ellen Glaza, Health Education Coordinator, Tuscola ISD, Caro, MI

66.       "The story of your personal experiences as a high school student and your struggle to overcome overwhelming adversity was an inspiration to all who attended." Jacob Froning, Superintendent, London City Schools, London, OH

67.       "You have a wonderful talent (a little Robin Williams) which kept us amused, informed and delighted for two hours." Joyce Dickson, Crisis Worker, Sudbury General Hospital, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

68.       "Wow! We have received many, many responses from the adults - they thought you were terrific and were so impressed with the impact you had on the kids. And the kids - they all commented about loving you, and themselves." Marlene Ayers, SAGE Chairman, SAGE

69.       "Thank you so much for your very dynamic, informative program for the County-Wide Support Staff In-service Day. Evaluations were excellent, and comments from individuals leaving your program were very positive." Cheryl Blair, Ed. D., Consultant, Health and Substance Abuse Education, Kent Co ISD, Grand Rapids, MI

70.       "Mike established a unique rapport with students within the first few minutes. The students listened and were impressed with him. He did a fantastic job!" Vickie Merchant, Tuscola Co 4-H Program Aide

71.       "Even though it has been over two months since you were here, I still hear people mentioning you and your messages in halls, offices, and lunchrooms." David Hostelling, Crisis Intervention Coordinator, Cahokia School District #187, Cahokia, IL

DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER!.... unless you think you may have enough evidence to consider this speaker for your school... If after reading these quotes you are ready to discover more specifics, please read on. 

    As you can see from all of these comments, Michael Karpovich has a very unique, practical and captivating approach to reaching his audiences. He effectively combines education with entertainment to touch people on an emotional as well as intellectual level.

    So what does Michael talk about and why should you hire him? �

    His most popular program will teach you and your students how to maintain perspective, develop positive self-esteem and find strength from adversity! You and your students will learn how to deal with stress, communicate effectively with family and peers, set appropriate boundaries and limits, and promote an unselfish leadership style. Michael will tailor any of his programs to meet your particular needs or desires.


Michael will offer you these timely and relevant programs at a rate that is reasonable and the best value for your dollar.


He will work hard for you and place your needs and programming agenda as the highest priority.


Michael is not a prima donna, difficult to work with or inflexible.


When Michael comes to your school or your organization, he comes to work� and boy, does he work! He doesn't take breaks, he doesn't eat lunch� he just works! (You will be amazed!)


His goal is to serve you and to provide you with the most powerful and cost-effective programming that will educate, entertain and change lives.

    With all of this offered to you, can you afford not to hire him?!

    Michael has been in demand for youth organizations around the world. He has spoken for The National Honor Society, National Association of Student Councils, 4H, BPA, DARE, DECA, FCA, FFA, FBLA, FCCLA, HOBY, Junior Achievement, Key Clubs International, MADD, NSSP, Peer Helpers, PRIDE, SADD, Teen Institute, Youth to Youth, YADAP, and hundreds of youth camps!

    Michael�s many years of experience as a professional speaker and as a consultant in the education / human service arena make him a speaker who knows how to address the pressing and pertinent needs, issues and problems of today�s children, parents, teachers, administrators and other educational/human service personnel.

    Michael is not just another motivational entertainer who will speak to your group, make you feel good for awhile and then exit, leaving you to feel that it was all "very nice but now what?"

    He will provide you with concrete insights and ideas and offer practical ways to implement them. You will leave his programs feeling motivated to do the work it requires to put your newfound knowledge and insights into realistic action that will make a difference in your life and the lives you touch. When you attend a Michael Karpovich program, you will never be the same!


    Please call now to schedule your programs for your school. Dates fill up quickly each year, especially during the month of October, which is Red Ribbon Month. As a past Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator in the state of Michigan, Michael is a very popular speaker for substance abuse prevention programming like Snowballs, Teen Institutes, Youth to Youth, S.A.D.D., Pride and Red Ribbon. Time is running out for you to secure him for October!

    Call 1-800-648-3367 now to confirm or place a hold on a date for your student assemblies, association annual conventions, summer camps or other student programs. We are available to take your calls from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada at any time. We can also fax or mail you further information on Michael so that you can quickly make an informed decision on programs for this and the coming school year.


    You have nothing to lose. We know it�s difficult to choose the best speaker for your school system. We also realize schools cannot afford to take risks with ever-dwindling school funds. So�we guarantee that Michael�s programs will provide you with content and value. If you are not fully satisfied, we will completely refund your deposit and your fee.

    You will find it interesting to note that since Michael first offered this guarantee (he has been speaking professionally since 1986), no one has even inquired about it. That is over 1,9500 presentations in 18 years � and no one has ever said Michael fell short! (Frankly, most said that he surpassed their greatest expectations!)


    If you have gotten to this point, and read this far, you are by now ready to bring Michael in to speak to your students. I invite you to be one of the people he works with in this next school year!

    Call now to find out how Michael Karpovich can help you achieve the results you�re looking for. We are prepared to fax or mail you any information you require so that you can quickly make an intelligent decision that will make your next program the best one ever!

    Please note that as the calendar fills up, our flexibility becomes more and more limited, so do call NOW! We guarantee that you will not be disappointed and will refund your money if you are not totally satisfied! We look forward to making this school year and the ones to come rewarding and productive for all of us that serve "The Best Generation."

PamelaSig.bmp (108162 bytes)
 Pamela Sutherland,
Executive Manager
The Meeting Partner

P.S. Substance Abuse Prevention has always been a popular program for schools... for that reason, many schools plan dates in October for Red Ribbon Month. You must call now if you are considering an October date!

P.P.S. This letter contains quotes from satisfied clients. I would be happy to fax you a copy of any of the original letters so that you can call the person who witnessed Michael firsthand!

P.P.P.S. Call us now and we will fax you more information on any and all programs you may be interested in as well as Michael�s schedule of fees. Because we realize that it is difficult to find the funds to do special programming, Michael will immediately take off over $3,000 of his fee for all school programs! Call NOW!!!


"Thank you for a wonderful beginning to the school year. Michael Karpovich was one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever heard. He will not only affect me as a teacher but also as a wife, mother, friend and individual."

-Teacher, Helendale School District, Helendale, CA

Dear Colleague,

    You can provide your school and community with programming that will increase productivity, decrease apathy, and maintain perspective -if you act fast!

    April and May are the months that most school programs are scheduled and confirmed; however, some schools have become wise to the fact that many of the good speakers are already booked by then, so they start programming efforts earlier. When you consider your programming needs, you must have powerful, effective and results-oriented programs.


1.     A staff in-service that motivates, educates and entertains.

2.     A speaker who can positively touch the most cynical staff, while warming the hearts of the most empathic.

3.     Community programs that encourage the participation of parents and the whole community in the education of our children.

4.     A speaker who has the experience and ability to speak not only to teachers, but also to school food service professionals, janitorial staff, bus drivers, secretarial staff, administration, board members, parents, and the community as a whole.

First, to make sure I am recommending the right speaker for you, let me ask you these questions:


Do the students you and your colleagues work with seem "out-of-control"?


Are you sick and tired of hearing about the "dysfunctional family"?


Are you tired of listening to the same old clich�s and jargon from every speaker you hear?


Are your colleagues in danger of work-related stress and burnout?


Would they really value concrete tools to re-energize themselves at work and at home?


Do your educational professionals enjoy laughing?


Do people in your profession look to hear something "fresh" and "new"?


Are your peers willing to do something that will make their lives more productive?

    If you answered "NO" to even one of these questions, the speaker I am about to introduce to you is not for you. Please read no further, do not bookmark this site and surf on to another site with my apologies.

    However, if you answered "yes" to all of these questions, I have a speaker that is tailor-made for your school programs�


�His name is Michael Scott Karpovich, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)! When you invite Michael to present his programs to your staff or at your professional conferences, your participants will learn how to effectively and productively work in school systems or any workplace without sacrificing their own lives! They will learn about the six stages of burnout and discover practical ways to prevent them. Your colleagues will learn how they can find their greatest strengths from their greatest adversities and use that insight as a springboard to achieve greater success in their own lives as well as teach that insight to others. Throughout all of Michael�s presentations, you will see his unique ability to touch an audience and move listeners to make effective changes in their lives.


    Yes, Michael has presented to hundreds of thousands of professional educators around the United States and Canada. His programs have run as intimate staff inservices with as little as 6 participants to huge convention general sessions with over 4,000 in attendance. Since he first presented it in 1991, his program "The Art of Taking Care of Yourself �" has been his most popular staff program � bar none!

Here are a few stories of Michael's adventures:


    In 1995, Michael was asked to present three sessions "The Art of Taking Care of Yourself ," "Becoming the Best Generation�," and "MTV Mentality�" for the Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention Association (GETCA) in Alberta, Canada. None of the three were general sessions� all were breakout sessions. Michael was distressed when he discovered the room had been set up for over 400 people! � Click here to see what happened next�


WARNING: Do not read this if you have a weak stomach�

    This story is about a program that Michael presented to a group of Emergency Nurses� the details are graphic. Basically, Michael had to follow a sad and gory story about what these medical professionals unfortunately encounter in their jobs. This account demonstrates Michael�s ability to follow even the most difficult of programs.

    They say the worst thing for a speaker is to follow children or animal shows. Well, Michael may have that beat � Click here only if you want the whole story�


    Have you ever found a perfect match? A perfect friend? A perfect job? A perfect place? Well, if you ask Michael, he will tell you about New York. He loves New York. In the past decade, Michael has progressively been doing more and more programs in New York and hits a homerun everytime. "They are just my type of people," Michael says.

    The one program that was Michael�s perfect match was called Statewide Advocacy for School Health or SASH. You can�t imagine� it was like the entire conference was designed for Michael�s message! � Click here to read more�


    Some brilliant clients have used Michael�s titles, themes and stories as themes for entire events. His titles have been designed with that purpose in mind. However, one woman changed the way we think of Michael�s "theme potential"� Click here to read on...


"The stress is unbelievable," one teacher said. "We can�t teach any more� there�s just no time!"� Click here for the related story�

    Please call now to find out how Michael Karpovich can help you achieve the results you�re looking for. After you review the enclosed material, I invite you to be one of the people he works with in this next school year! Please call us anytime for more information. We are prepared to fax or mail you any information you require so that you can quickly make an intelligent decision that will make your next program the best one ever! Please note that as the calendar fills up, our flexibility becomes more and more limited, so do call NOW! We guarantee that you will not be disappointed and will refund your money if you are not totally satisfied!

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 Pamela Sutherland,
Executive Manager
Dynamic Interactions, Inc.

P.S. Call us now and we will fax you more information on our programs as well as Michael�s schedule of fees.

P.P.S. Because we realize that it is difficult to find funds to do special programming, Michael has discounted his regular fee by over $3,000 for all school programs! Call NOW!!!

P.P.P.S. Remember�Michael can take the hassle out of your planning and give you fun and informative presentations for all of your programming needs. But you must call today �1-800-648-3367 � to book your programs now!

P.P.P.P.S. If you are aware of anyone else who should receive this information, please forward it to them or give them our special web-site � http://www.karpovich.com . As educational consultants, we want to be of service to you as you design your conferences. Please consider us a resource and call if we can ever help you find another speaker.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Michael is considered by many meeting planners and conference chairs to be an "insurance policy" for their events � He follows through and is always prepared to help in emergencies.

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