Michael Scott Karpovich, Certified Speaking Professional speaks for S.A.D.D. clubs!

     Since the mid 80�s Michael has been invited to speak to hundred�s of schools by their S.A.D.D.  Clubs!  SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions formally Students Against Driving Drunk) and Mr. Karpovich are committed to helping students say �NO� to drinking and driving and other destructive decisions.

     If you think that Michael may be able to assist your SADD Club, your school, your students and your community� consider him as a speaker at your school.  For more information on Michael Scott Karpovich, Certified Speaking Professional call 1-800-64-TEENS!  For More information on SADD please call 1-877-723-3462 or better yet go to www.SADDonline.com for a wealth of resources and information!


Both Michael & the S.A.D.D. organization endorses, supports and encourages a "NO USE" policy for under aged students.  We do not believe it is ever appropriate for a under aged individual to use alcohol or any controlled substance.  We encourage your school and community to do the same!

Do Have Fun, Do Encourage, Do Laugh, Do Have Adventures, Do Play Fair, Do Be A Good Sport, Do Understand, Do Play, Do Have FUN, Do Date, Do Explore, Do Learn, Do Befriend, Do Help

Don't Drink, Don't Drink & Drive, Don't Ride With Someone Who Has Been Drinking, Don't Smoke, Don't Hit, Don't Bully, Don't Fight, Don't Do Drugs, Don't Have Pre-Marital Sex, Don't Rape

This website is completely unofficial and is in no way endorsed by SADD Inc.  No challenge to their trademark is intended.  The purpose of this site is to support S.A.D.D. and the good work that it does in our communities, schools and with the youth.  For information about SADD go to www.SADDonline.com