Wow, if you found this page you must have been reading The Ultimate Handbook for Student Leaders: LEAD NOW!

    I am Michael Scott Karpovich (they call me KARP) and I am thrilled that you are checking out my website.  I hope that you enjoyed my contribution to  your book. If we ever meet I would love to autograph the book (or at least my chapter) for you! 

    As a professional speaker I have a lot of opportunities to speak to schools and communities.  My student programs are full of humor -- however they have lots of practical value.  My staff / teacher programs are also very powerful, as are the parent presentations.

    If you liked my chapter in LEAD NOW you noticed that I had a unique way at looking at leadership.  I have personally gotten sick and tired of a leader with a bunch of followers when it is so much more effective to have a bunch of leaders and NO FOLLOWERS!   If you understand my premises and respect this opinion -- then I am jazzed that you took the time to read this. 

    If you browse this site further you will find all sorts of information about me and my "life work." I would be thrilled to come and speak at your community... just let me know.

    On the other hand, if you just happened upon this page here is the book we are talking about (click on it to get it). 

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In the book I refer to a couple movies that I think suggest brilliant leadership traits... although in each case the "leadership traits" are "hidden" in the movie so you will have to look closely! [GRIN]

    I encourage you to find a few "fellow leaders," pop a ton of popcorn (order several pizzas), rent these movies and watch them critically!  Discuss how aspects of these deligtful characters would be turned into powerful leadership traits. (Heck this could be a school  report)

Thanks again,

Michael AKA "KARP"


The Wizard of Oz


Walt Disney's Bambi

The Revenge of the Nerds


Dead Poets Society