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A Christian since the ripe old age of four, Michael has spent almost his entire life working to keep Christ the center focus of his life!

Raised in a tiny "United Methodist Church," Michael  became quite active in his church. He ran the nursery / child care program when he was only a teenager.  During high school he taught Sunday School classes. 

During two years of his high school education he attended a private (GARB) Baptist Church School.  When he returned to the public school he became very active in Youth for Christ / Campus Life.  While attending college he was very involved in the Catholic Church based Campus Ministry and even more in the leadership of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, leading college Bible Studies.  After college he continued to teach Sunday School at his little home church. 

Michael is a lifetime member of Gideons International.

 In addition to all of this Michael has been a High School and Middle School Speaker (private and public), Christian Church Speaker and Christian Youth Speaker.  All venues where Michael can speak on how powerful a relationship with God can be. 

A Bible Believing Christian committed to evangelism among children.

Michael is an ideal Christian Youth Speaker on topics like:


Abstinence of Drugs and Alcohol (As a Christian youth Michael made a choice in 4th grad to never do drugs and alcohol)


Abstaining from sex until after marriage (Recently married, Michael saved himself for his beautiful Bride)


Resiliency, how to find strength from adversity. (Michael had a uniquely difficult life as a child and with the help of Christ turned his pain into his advantage!)

Michael has presented to many church groups. For example, he presented to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Virginia, a Lutheran youth group in Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania; a Catholic private school in Flint, Michigan;  TEEN RANCH a Michigan based Christian Residential Program for at risk teens; a Baptist youth group in Moon Township, Pennsylvania; and a Lutheran Men's Retreat in Detroit, Michigan!

We would love to arrange a program for your Church or youth group.  


Michael will do a program for any CHRIST centered group (church, youth group, men's retreat, pastor program, parenting program ...) for FREE if a school is booked at full price on a consecutive or the same date -- at full price.  Call for more information.

Special message for teens: Michael has been asked to write a new BOOK on how kids have overcome hard times or bad experiences with the help of Christ.  Michael is looking for teens to write their own chapter in this book.  If you are interested or know someone who is just click on the  book! 

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